1. Pam

    A reader made a suggestion in an email and I wanted to share it here in case any of you guys have experience with this product. He thought we should check into closed cell foam insulation. We were planning to use regular rolled insulation. Does anyone know it would compare in price or otherwise?

  2. Leslie

    Very exciting to see your plans as you prepare to start on the work shed project!

    I like some of the choices you’ve made, and have a few thoughts to follow up on my comments on your August post:

    1) be aware that the rubber mat/flooring, while easy on the feet, can be a bear to keep clear/dust free with its surface variations. A smoother finish probably is better for flooring in a heavy-duty work space unless you plan to sweep/vacuum, mop or hose it down periodically. I’d suggest the masonry paint might be the best solution for the floor surface and consider using rubber flooring as smaller mats in areas where you’re standing, such as in front of work benches. Then you can remove it easily like an area rug when you want to clean it.

    2) be careful with metal shelving options. I’ve had various types of shelving over the years in unheated garages and have found that metal usually tends to develop rust and doesn’t age well in areas where climate and humidity vary. (I’m in the Northeast, where it ranges from hot and humid to sub-0F cold.) I now have only the super-heavy-duty plastic grid shelving in my unheated storage areas and find it handles heavy loads and doesn’t have the eventual rust issues of even the nicest of metal/steel versions.

    3) don’t forget that, along with an array of hooks and tool holders, you also can add to pegboard easily shelves of various depths from narrow to deeper if the pegboard is installed securely. It’s handy to have a small shelf available over your work surface for placing small items and containers up off your work table but easily accessible.

    Can’t wait to see how it all looks when you’re done!

    • Pam

      Leslie, You have been so great with all of your ideas and input. Thank you! I hadn’t thought about what you said about the rubber flooring, but using mats in work spaces is a great thought. Those metal shelves we’re looking at are a good quality, but I really like the wooden ones myself, too. Of course, we’re in North Georgia, so we don’t get sub zero weather here, but it does get hot and humid. I didn’t mention it in the post but we are thinking of pegboard on the left wall. I love the idea of a small shelf over the work surface. That makes excellent sense!

      I can’t wait to get this project done. I think it’s going to be a great addition to our home having a year round workshop/hobby area.

      Stay tuned for the finished product!

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