1. Pam, I lovelovelove this post! I’ve never heard of a Cane Grinding, but I’m so glad your family is keeping this tradition alive. Sounds like such fun! And I’m all about keeping family food traditions alive (*family* traditions that have nothing to do with a holiday prescribed by Hallmark and the calendar!).

  2. Melissa

    Love this story…I am from Perry Florida…cane grinding at grandpas were so much fun..I loved riggers sausage too…north Florida is the best place to be..when we go home.

  3. Aww, glad you enjoyed Melissa. We have family from my Daddy’s side from Perry. Actually, Foley, which no longer exists, if you know where that was. We’ll have to compare notes. 😊

  4. Interesting history about cane grinding and all it involves. We visited a historic mill once where they had once ground corn meal. This looks very similar. I can imagine it was sort of a social gathering. Those brownies look sooo good. I’m ready for one right now!!

  5. David H Rogers

    Thank you for creating this wonderful site chronicling your family and it’s heritage. My family is from southern Georgia which is, of course, pretty darned near the same as northern Florida. And I’m trying to revitalize our family reunion with these same types of activities. Would you be willing to share your thoughts concerning the orgizanation of this with me?

    Thanks again for this wonderful contribution to Southern Heritage.

    • Pam

      Wow, thank you David for the kind words. Comments like yours make it all so worthwhile!

      As far as organizing the Cane Grinding I cannot take any credit. My cousin, along with his wife and other family members, are the organizers. I will tell you this, though. They enlist the help of a lot of people, and getting others involved in whatever part of it they enjoy most definitely creates enthusiasm. For instance, there will be a couple of guys manning the grills, someone drives the truck pulling the party wagon, someone else cooks up “cracklings”, my cousin’s daughter-in-law designs and prints up labels for the syrup bottles, and on and on. The more people you involve, the more excited they will be.

      Good luck with your family reunion!

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