1. I love it! Pretty clever to divide the space for both of you. My husband and I have discussions over the garage too. In our new house, we are having a three car garage and the third space is for him only. Hmmm…. 🙂

    Thank you so much for your sweet note yesterday.

    • Pam

      Thank you, Stacey! That’s funny about the garages. We’ve had two houses with 3 car garages and he also got two spaces while I only got one. Go figure!

    • Pam

      Haha… you’re right about the compromising, Florence. So far it’s working out great. Time will tell, I guess 🙂

  2. Leslie

    Wow – it looks great, Pam! Congratulations! Light, bright, easy to maintain…what could be better? Glad you went with the bead-board paneling and heavy-duty plastic shelving – I think you’ll be happy with them both in the long run. Enjoy your newly updated space!

  3. Pam

    Thanks, Leslie! We are LOVING it already. You have been so faithful to give us thoughtful suggestions and the truth is, we couldn’t have done it so well without you!

    • Leslie

      I’m glad my comments were helpful, but you made the final calls, so all credit to you.

      I meant to add that I don’t have any particularly brilliant suggestions for your counter top. I think it’s really a function of how you think you’ll use it and what you prefer. You could keep it simple and just leave it, or seal it, or stain it or paint it. If you want a smooth and finished look, a piece of laminate cut to fit and adhered to the top and exposed edges would make a nice durable smooth surface. I had a small section of stainless steel as part of a counter in a former kitchen – a home version of the metal counters one finds in real restaurant kitchens – and while it did show surface wear, it never bothered me and was a smooth, easy to clean and durable surface. Or you could cover it with a piece of smooth vinyl flooring, or wrap it with vinyl fabric – even a vinyl tablecloth cut to size – and just tack it underneath with a staple gun (like a fabric chair seat) if you want something on the softer side. They’re easy to clean, inexpensive and easily replaced if damaged or worn. There are lots of options, so I’ll leave that decision to you and whatever you like best – you’ve done just fine so far!

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