1. Love this post! The food all sounds amazing but it’s the history that makes them even more special. We have a cake that in our family is known as JoAnne’s cake. That’s my deceased MIL. One day my husband’s aunt gritted her teeth and said, “That was actually my recipe.” Guess she didn’t catch the fame for it. 🙂

    • Pam

      That’s so funny, Stacey. I wonder how long your aunt kept that to herself before she just couldn’t stand it any longer!

  2. I am reading this at 8:15 in the morning and I now am craving dressing and pecan pie. Such a great post!

    Happy Mother’s Day

  3. Hi Pam,

    You family recipes all sound wonderful. I know that they will all be great because every recipe I have ever tried that was someone’s mama’s or grandmama’s has been excellent. They stand the test of time. 🙂 Definitely looking forward to making my own cream of corn this summer. Thanks!

    • Pam

      Thanks, Patti! So often they weren’t actual “recipes”, but just their way of cooking. It’s kind of fun trying to re-create and write it all down.

    • Pam

      Thank you, Debra! My Mama made a delicious mac and cheese too, but I know she didn’t use a recipe. That one is on my list to try and re-create.

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