If you’ve read our About Us page, you know that we are a mother daughter duo from two small towns outside Atlanta. We are both very active in our unique communities and love to write about all they have to offer. Here’s what you’ll see below:


Norcross is home to Pam (and Buddy!). The best thing about Norcross is the true sense of community. People here are proud of the physical history, such as the homes, businesses, and civic buildings, but we’re also proud of the stories and cherish the memories of past citizens who contributed so much.  As we honor the history, Norcross is moving into the future with enthusiasm. Events, ways to be involved, and improvements to our little town are seen everywhere.


This is Sara’s neck of the woods and boy is it unique! Clarkston has been called “the most diverse square mile in America” and that’s the truth. Refugees from all over the world started being placed here in the 90’s and today there are over 60 languages spoken in the 1.4 square miles of the city limits. The American-born residents here are proud to have such a unique city population and the refugees find the comfort of a community that can relate to their experiences and cultures while also having the freedom that makes America so great.


So technically neither of us live in Tucker, but it is right around the corner from Clarkston and is a place where Sara spends a lot of time so she stays involved with the local events. A brand new city (as of 2016!), Tucker is growing fast and is home to many wonderful locally owned restaurants, bars, and shops. The historical and current events here are beloved by the city’s residents and those who live close by.

We hope you enjoy hearing about the colorful past and current events that make these towns so special!



Wildlife Tree Party


More from the Norcross Community Market

 Norcross Community Market (1)

Norcross Community Market


Tour of Homes of Historic Norcross (Part 2)

 Tucker Farmers Market 2016 || Biscuits & Burlap

Tucker Farmers Market, 2016

 Tour of Historic Norcross || Biscuits & Burlap

Tour of Homes of Historic Norcross (Part 1)

Tucker Chili Cook Off || Biscuits & Burlap

Tucker Chili Cook Off, 2016

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Restaurants of Historic Norcross

 Sidewalk View of Historic Norcross

Journey to Adopt Historic Norcross as Our New Home