The Ultimate Gift for any Bloody Mary lover

You'll have fun putting this basket together.

It's a great hostess, shower or housewarming gift.

Start by choosing a sturdy basket. 

The glass jars and bottles can get heavy.

Naturally you'll want to include tomato juice and classic vodka (or pepper flavored).

For a special touch you can make bacon vodka yourself and add it to the basket.  Swipe up for the recipe.

Beyond that you can add:  Celery Limes & Lemons Hot Sauces Worcestershire      Sauce Olives Flavored Salt for     the glass rim.

For another homemade touch, add pickled asparagus. Swipe up for the recipe.

Or, Pickled Green Beans ... Swipe up for that  recipe.

For a southern twist add pickled okra.  Buy them or make homemade.

Swipe up for additional ideas and links.