Do you know what is the secret ingredient for the very best creamed corn?

It's not cream. It's not flour. It's not butter. It's not even salt.

It's the corn itself!  You need to get every bit of the milky liquid for your creamed corn to taste the best.

That liquid has corn starch in its purest form.  It's what thickens the creamed corn naturally.

First, you'll need to shuck and clean the corn thoroughly.

Then, you "cream" the corn getting out as much of that milky liquid as possible.

These "corn creamer" tools work great.  Swipe up to order your own. (affiliate)

Or you can cut the tops off the corn kernels and then scrape with a knife. You'll use the dull side of the blade for scraping.

Then you'll cook the corn slowly, stirring constantly.  When the liquid goes from opaque to transluscent it's done!

Season with a bit of butter and salt and your creamed corn is ready to eat!

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