The 10 Best Sauces to Serve with Fish

The sauce recipes you've been looking for! These are the 10 best and they will liven up any variety of fish. Some are classics, and some are unique and fun.

 A traditional Cajun sauce served with all kinds of seafood.

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Remoulade Sauce

 Typically thought of to go with beef, chimichurri sauce is also excellent with fish!

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Chimichurri Sauce

 It includes tomatoes and a few other traditional Creole ingredients making it the sophisticated cousin of Cajun Cream Sauce

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Creole Cream Sauce

 A staple in many coastal areas, cocktail sauce doesn't have to be complicated. This one has just 3 ingredients! 

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Classic Cocktail Sauce

 It’s easy, it’s homemade, and it’s so much better than store bought! Tartar Sauce is the flagship of sauces to go with fish.

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Classic Tartar Sauce

 This one has a southwestern twist being made from mild poblano peppers. Lime, cumin and a few other Mexican-inspired flavors make it the perfect choice for kicking your fish up a notch.

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Creamy Poblano Sauce

 Best made in the pan where your seasoned or blackened fish was cooked to get all the flavor left behind. This best-of-the-best sauce is the “country” cousin of Creole Cream Sauce

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Cajun Cream Sauce

 Romesco Sauce is full of bold flavor and great texture. It will take any type of fish to new levels of exciting and interesting.

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Romesco Sauce

 Tangy Baja Sauce is amazing on fish tacos, but can be served with any variety of fish. Sriracha and a few diced jalapenos give it a real punch of flavor!

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Baja Sauce

 It's thick and creamy, yet light and healthy! Best of all is the amazing flavor – second best is that you can make it in just two minutes.

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Yogurt Dill Sauce