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Cajun Cream Sauce

Creamy Cajun Sauce is full of flavor and easy to make.  It's the perfect topping for fish, shrimp or chicken that has been pan fried, blackened, baked or broiled.


Pan drippings from cooking fish, shrimp or chicken Dry white wine Half and half All purpose flour Cajun seasoning Dried oregano Smoked paprika Lemon juice

Deglaze pan the protein has been cooked in with wine.  If baked or broiled, scrape up pan drippings from baking pan and add to skillet with wine.  Heat thoroughly.

Whisk together half and half, flour and seasonings until smooth.

Whisk flour mixture into skillet and stir constantly over medium-low to medium heat until thickened.

Add lemon juice and heat thoroughly before pouring over fish, shrimp or chicken.

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