Easy Greek Chicken Bowls

These Greek Chicken Bowls are piled high with marinated lemon chicken and all the Mediterranean ingredients you love. Try them on top of rice, quinoa, or lettuce for a hearty meal that is totally customizable.

Chicken Ingredients

Chicken breasts Lemons Garlic Greek yogurt Olive oil Oregano Thyme

Base Ideas

Rice Cauliflower rice Shredded lettuce Quinoa

Topping Ideas

Cucumbers Tomatoes Fresh herbs Artichoke hearts Kalamata olives Pepperoncinis Hummus Tzatziki Feta cheese

Juice and zest one lemon. In a large bowl, combine the chicken marinade ingredients.

Add chicken pieces to marinade and toss to coat. Cover and refrigerate 2 hours to overnight.

Slice remaining lemon into small wedges. Thread chicken and lemon wedges onto skewers.

Set air fryer to 350 and arrange skewers in a single layer. Cook 8 minutes.  Flip, and cook another 8 minutes.

Cook your base ingredients like quinoa, rice, or cauliflower rice according to package directions.

Set out all the toppings your family wants in individual bowls so everyone can assemble their own Greek bowls!

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