Treat Her Like Royalty

Mom will feel the love when you create a special Mothers Day menu with her in mind.  Customize this plan with all of her favorites, and maybe throw in a surprise!

Begin with an amazing appetizer.  These cheese tartlets are French-inspired and easy to make!

Would she love to sip on a "mocktail" while enoying her apps? A Pineapple Agua Fresca would be a perfect choice!

For the next course you'll want to make your mom a first-class salad.  This Clementine Salad might be perfect, but swipe up for more choices.

On to the entree'. If your mom loves beef you cannot go wrong wih a blackened ribeye... and it's super simple to make!

If she's more of a seafood type gal be sure to check out Greek Style Salmon or swipe up for more seafood ideas.

Vegetable au Gratin is a customizable side dish. Choose any combination of your mother's favorite veggies and put this side together in minutes!

For dessert we recommend something small. After the fabulous Mother's Day meal you've made don't make mom feel obligated to eat a big sweet.  Two bite desserts like chocolate chip cheesecakes are ideal!