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That’s us! Pam (left) and Sara (right), the mother-daughter duo based out of two small towns just outside of Atlanta and novice bloggers at Biscuits and Burlap. We originally created this blog as a way to document last Easter’s tablescape or the mantle from Christmas before last or how much butter we REALLY used in that dish. Then it occurred to us… maybe other people would be interested in this stuff! As we thought of a name, we looked for two very different items that would be symbolic of the cooking and decorating we both love to do, as well as the South, which we are very proud to be a part of. What could be more Southern than biscuits and burlap?



I’m Pam (also known as Mom, Mimi, Aunt Pam, etc.)  I retired recently from the real estate business and am busily continuing the “work in progress” of settling into the house we built last year. I documented the construction progress beginning here if you want to check it out.  The tour of the interior begins here.

I’m SO excited to be living this “walkable community” lifestyle.  We are now less than 1/2 mile from the center of an adorable small town right outside of Atlanta.  To be able to walk to parks, restaurants and events in town is a dream come true.  Sharing our adventures here in Norcross is part of what I enjoy documenting with thoughts, photos and information.  You can read here about our decision to make this is our home and an overview of this great little town.

Though we have been in the Atlanta area for many years I was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and have roots in the farm country of north Florida about an hour west of there.  My mother’s side of the family has a wonderful event each winter that really shows off the character of that area.  It’s called a Cane Grinding.  Check out what that means here.  I see this blog as a chance to document, for future generations, some of our family history — through recipes, photos and projects with our treasures.

Home and family are where my heart lies. To have you come into my home and think the table is beautiful and the food tasty warms my heart.  But, best of all, is to know that guests in my home feel comfortable and want to come back.  The best way I’ve found to accomplish that is to throw in a little fun and laughter in whatever I’m doing.

My husband, Buddy and I celebrated forty years of marriage in October, 2015.  Our oldest is Will and he and his wife Dori are the parents of our 2 oldest grandchildren, Beau and Paige. What a pair of characters!

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James is next and he and his wife Maggie welcomed Emily into their family in January of 2015. A sweet baby boy will be joining us soon, too.

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Sara is our youngest and my co-writer on Biscuits and Burlap!  I’m so proud of what Sara has accomplished in her life (so far).  To think that she has bought her own home even though she is a young, single schoolteacher just blows my mind.  I would have never had the guts when I was her age to jump into home ownership all alone.  But she did, and continues to be an inspiration to me, besides being my personal IT coach!  I think we make a good team.

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I am the daughter of this fabulous duo! I’m a 1st grade teacher and live in a town called Clarkston just east of Atlanta. Lived in the Metro Atlanta your whole life and never heard of Clarkston? Don’t worry.. you’re not alone. It’s a unique little refugee community and I can’t wait to post more about it as I become more involved with what has become known as “the most diverse square mile in America.” The newest city in Georgia, Tucker, is right around the corner so its pretty much home too. Around here we’re huge fans of community get-togethers, which I love… When was the last time you went to a small town chili cook off? Read about Tucker’s Chili Cook Off here!

I’m pretty proud of being a young homeowner and I am loving making my home into my sanctuary. It isn’t easy on a single schoolteacher’s budget, but I’ve managed to come up with some pretty inexpensive ways to make it a place that is all “me.” Whether its building a fire pit area complete with benches out of nothing but concrete pavers and blocks and 4 x 4’s, or painting a hand-me-down rug to make it into a conversation piece, I love stretching my budget to make my little townhouse say big things.

I’ve also started to love cooking inventive, healthy (usually) foods as I’ve grown older and I am enjoying sharing those recipes. A few of my personal favorites are Southwestern Quinoa-Stuffed Poblano Peppers, Greek Htipiti Spread and Chipotle Steak and Mango Fajitas. Yum! I try to do most of my shopping at neighborhood farmers markets, so if you love to cook with super fresh ingredients too, I’m sure you’ll find something you just have to try here.

I love the excitement and challenge of writing this blog with my mom and  hope it comes across as exactly what it is- A mother with more than 30 years of homemaking experience sharing her wisdom with her daughter and the world, and a young woman’s journey to becoming a homemaker, complete with all the slips and blunders we both encounter along the way.

Biscuits & Burlap

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