Iron Skillet Potatoes (on the grill)

Get this side dish ready in the kitchen and then hand it over to your grill-master to cook while you sip a mojito, or glass of wine, or cold lemonade.  If you play your cards right you could have veggies in a hobo pack that can be thrown on the grill and the entire meal is cooked outside.  Sneaky?  Of course not. Just trying to keep the power bill down. Continue reading “Iron Skillet Potatoes (on the grill)”

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Make-Ahead Southwestern Breakfast Burritos with Quinoa

If you’re anything like me, you like to sleep as late as is humanly possible during the work week. I hit snooze for an hour before finally getting up, rushing around for 20 minutes and running out the door. This doesn’t even leave time for eating breakfast, let alone cooking one. Continue reading “Make-Ahead Southwestern Breakfast Burritos with Quinoa”

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Pam’s Home Tour – Dining Room & Kitchen

Welcome!  At first I intended to wait and feature a home tour after the house was decorated perfectly. Well, you all might be waiting years for that.  So, as the rooms get presentable I decided to share them with you a couple at the time.   Continue reading “Pam’s Home Tour – Dining Room & Kitchen”

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Tucker Farmers Market

Don’t you just love local neighborhood farmers markets? Personally, I’m a huge fan of eating fresh and healthy as well as supporting local businesses, so I’m always excited for the weather to warm up so the farmers markets can open! Continue reading “Tucker Farmers Market”

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Walking Tour of Homes of Historic Norcross, Georgia

Since moving to Norcross, Georgia, in October, 2015, it amazes me that most people, even in the Atlanta area, don’t realize what a wonderful Historic District we have here.   Continue reading “Walking Tour of Homes of Historic Norcross, Georgia”

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Wheat Grass Centerpieces (with “Picture Pops”)

I made these wheat grass centerpieces for my mother-in-law’s 85th birthday shindig.  She wanted a Southern, country-style, family reunion type party, so I kept that in mind when choosing what to do, the containers to put them in, etc.  We also wanted to use pictures of her from over the years and with different members of the family, so I thought using the pictures in the centerpieces would kill two birds with one stone. Continue reading “Wheat Grass Centerpieces (with “Picture Pops”)”

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Boy’s Room Valance from Re-purposed Bed Linens

Here I go again.  I’ve mentioned before that I am the child of a child of the Depression.  Well, actually the child of two children of the Depression.  I know that re-purposing and upcycling are all the rage now.  And, that’s a good thing.  But, I grew up in an environment where nothing was wasted and that outlook was born out of necessity.  When my mother was a little girl there was no such thing as a “shabby chic” look that you got by going to Hobby Lobby and buying fabric with cute little rosebuds.  There was such a thing, however, as using the fabric bag (or sack) that flour came in to make your little girl a dress.  Now, that’s shabby chic.

I have to give credit for this idea to Dori (daughter-in-law #1).  My grandson Beau has outgrown his completely awesome Panda nursery.  Being 7 years old now he was ready to move into a bit more mature theme.  In comes “OUTER SPACE ROOM”.  His new bedding has stars and planets on a dark blue, starry background. Continue reading “Boy’s Room Valance from Re-purposed Bed Linens”

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Cherry Nut Energy Bites

The past few weeks, I’ll admit, I have been slacking off on my diet, so this week I am once again getting focused on healthy snacks and meals that I can make ahead. I’ve seen all these “No Bake Energy Blast” type things on Pinterest, and haven’t really known what to think about them. However, after seeing how versatile they are, I decided they might be just the thing to make for a quick and healthy breakfast, snack, and sweet-tooth quencher. Continue reading “Cherry Nut Energy Bites”

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Tucker Chili Cook Off

There are so many reasons to love Spring: the flowers blooming, the days getting longer, the weather getting warmer- But my favorite part is community gatherings.

I feel like all Winter long people just hibernate. Here in Georgia, our winters are not super cold compared to other places, but that means the cold weather we do have makes nearly everyone miserable and we’d all just rather hide out in our homes. But in the Spring, the community begins to come to life. Farmers markets, art festivals, outdoor concerts… and the Tucker Chili Cook-Off!

Tucker Chili Cook Off || Biscuits & Burlap

Continue reading “Tucker Chili Cook Off”

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